Production of the European level wooden pallets in Lutsk

Are you satisfied with the quality and reliability of the pallets which you use? How often do you have to change partners because of failure to comply with the products terms of supply or poor quality?

 The issue of the qualitative products at the lowest price is acute to buyers. Perhaps looking for a reliable partner, you have repeatedly changed suppliers of pallets. We have a solution of your problem.

Enterprise  “L. P. S.” is a manufacturer of the wooden pallets of European level with over fifteen years of experience. The company started its activity as a small woodworking firm. At the moment it is a powerful woodworking complex offering a wide range of services:

- manufacture of wooden Euro-pallet under the order;
- repair of second-hand pallets;
- resorting of pallets;
- maintenance of your pallets park;
- wood drying.

PE “L. P. S.” production facilities are located in smt. Rozhyshche. It is a district center, which has an ideal location in relation to material base and logistic connections. So you can always be confident in the quality of the wood used in the production and the finished products delivery speed. By the way, you will not have to think about your pallets delivery, the logistic department of PE “L. P. S.” will take care of it.

Our products corresponds international quality requirements, which are strictly controlled by highly qualified staff according to international norms and instructions:

– Standard ISPM 15

– The certificate of quality ISO 9001-2000 ( International Quality Management Systems)

– Marking permission with individual number – (04024)

The company recently introduced a video that demonstrates qualitatively new European approach to doing business. The video can be viewed on our website at the link.

PE “L. P. S.” will become a reliable partner to form your pallets park.

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