Wooden pallets A-001K HARD

PE “L. P. S.” – is a powerful woodworking complex, which supplies its own products all over Ukraine and abroad (Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany).

  • Wooden pallets of the PE “L. P. S.”  differ by the quality indicators:
  • - PE “L. P. S.” manufactures pallets using  qualitative Italian equipment "STORTI", "OMEV" and "TEPAL";
  • - products meet the international quality standard ISPM 15;
  • - international quality certificate ISO 9001-2000;
  • - quality control at all manufacture stages;
  • - low price of the pallet because of the manufacture optimization.
  • Products catalogue has more than twenty kinds of standard and non-standard pallets. Projecting department can fulfill an order according to the technical requirements of the customer.
  • A wooden pallet A-001K HARD has the following main technical characteristics:
    - the flooring of the pallet consists of 6 boards in size of 1200х98х22 mm;
    - lower  ones in size of 1200х98х22 mm;
    - checkers – 9 ones;
    - the external checkers are marked;
    - the angles of the pallet aren't cut.

The pallet is made of solid wood boards 22 mm thick.
Quality of the board - class 2.
  • You can buy or order pallets by contacting the company L. P. S.”.
    A pleasant bonus - logistic department of PEL. P. S.” will deliver your order anywhere in Europe or Ukraine.
  • More information and technical specifications of the pallet can be found on the page of products catalog.
  • You can watch a phased process of the pallet aggregation on the video, created especially for you.

  • We appreciate our customers and are always ready to develop new types of activities. PE “L. P. S.”

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