About the company

Pallet LPS Ltd started its activity as an independent private firm, which remains to this day. We passed the path from a small woodworking firm to a holistic complex with a powerful production potential. Our company produces 700 000 pieces of pallets a year. Investments in equipment and production infrastructure from 2003 to 2009 totaled more than 420,000 euros, and only now in 2014, they showed the right financial direction.

The company is famous for its special approach to doing business: we minimize the use of roundwood through the use of renewable raw materials. Pallet LPS Ltd works from the point of view of the least impact on the environment in the most complete accordance with European norms.

By using the latest technology, on average, 10% of the new wood material is enough to make a new tray with full regard to safety and quality requirements.

With more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, we have grown with our customers and have achieved significant results. Many leading companies choose to cooperate with us to replenish our own pallet fleet.

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We can offer our clients a full range of services in the manufacture of wooden pallets:

  • Technical Design Bureau

    Highly skilled personnel in the design of pallets provide the development and manufacture of pallets according to the individual orders of the buyer.

  • Repair and sorting department

    Has created a network of procurement of raw materials (2, 3, 4th grade) in all Ukrainian roundwood processors. A heavy and scrupulous work was carried out on the selection of equipment for maximizing the use of lower grades of wood and the restoration of technical and load characteristics, elements for the manufacture of pallets.

  • Logistics Department

    For transportation of products, it ensures delivery to the warehouse of the customer in the shortest possible time.

  • Production department

    Consists of automatic lines "STORTI", "OMEV" and semiautomatic lines "TEPAL", capable of producing any kind of pallets. We use the advanced technology of European manufacturers of machine tools, manipulators, loaders and air purification systems, as well as software and effective maintenance and service.

  • Drying complex

    Modern automatic drying ensures the quality of the manufactured pallets complying with the quality standards of ISPM 15, which is marked on the pallet as a sign of HT. Provided services for sterilization of products.

    The well-functioning work of the woodworking complex allows you to fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. We have large stocks of wood, billets and finished products, and the debugged chain Order-Production-Delivery significantly reduces the timing of production.

The company's products meet international quality standards, which are clearly controlled by highly qualified personnel of the enterprise, in accordance with all international requirements and instructions:
  • – ISPM standard 15;
  • – International certificate of quality ISO 9001-2000;
  • – permission for marking using the individual number 04024.
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We minimize the use of round timber every year. Consequently, with the latest technology, on average only 10% of the round wood material we have processed, in the pallets you buy - a piece of our Forest, which in the future will also return to our recovery cycle.

Today, the company's activities cover the markets of such countries as Italy, Germany, France. We also cooperate with large companies in Ukraine.

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